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April 2010



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Apr. 17th, 2010

Einstein's Rainbow


March Round-up

Please excuse the incredibly late round-up.  I suspect this is a busy time of year for many of us, but if you would like to sign up for a future spot at driving the comm for a month, go can here to sign up. Many thanks to cynicalshadows  for doing so last month.

Maybe by kajam 
Bimbo by anno_superstar 
Hurricane by laurashapiro 
Glittering Cloud by txlsplash  (youtube)
I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment by ivanolix 
The Mutiny by mylla 

Anything But Love by raspberry_splat  (BtVS)
Suicide Note by sweetjean  (SPN)

Mar. 16th, 2010

BSG - Follow Kara


The Mutiny by Mylla

Vid Name/Vidder: The Mutiny by mylla
Song/Artist: "It's My Life" - Bon Jovi
Genre: Ensemble
Why you’re reccing the vid: Out of all the seasons of BSG, four is my least favorite. I felt like the writers had lost some of the magic of the early seasons and that the plot had become too esoteric and was bogged down by relying too much on special destinies and mysticism. Then finally we got the mutiny arc and well... it was glorious. The (brief) return of badass Starbuck, pilots playing buddy cops, Laura Roslin reminding everyone that she is the head bitch in charge, Adama and Tigh proving that they can still kick ass and take names, Kara dragging Sam through the halls of Galactica by herself because she will not let her cylon husband die, Zarek finally getting what's coming to him, and the heartfelt scenes between Adama/Roslin and Gaeta/Baltar. Yeah, it was AWESOME, and this vid captures it all in just under four minutes.

Mar. 12th, 2010

SPN - Castiel No Faith


Suicide Note (Supernatural)

Vid Name/Vidder: Suicide Note by sweetiejen
Song/Artist: "Suicide Note" - Johnette Napolitano
Genre: Character study of Dean from Supernatural
Why you’re reccing the vid: This chronicling of Dean's last year of life from Sam's perspective is one of those vids that just guts me. It perfectly captures Sam's helplessness at being unable to stop what he knows is coming and his guilt at being the reason Dean traded his life away, and the song just intensifies everything. It's a stoic last stand of a dying man.

Mar. 11th, 2010

Cally - STFU


I'm Not Here For Your Entertainmnent, by Ivanolix

Vid Name/Vidder I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment, by ivanolix
Song/Artist: U and Ur Hand, by P!nk
Genre: Character Study
Why you’re reccing the vid:

Poor Chief Tyrol; every woman he ever loved ended up going fabulously crazy and into the fridge. Oh wait, not poor him. *g* This vid is a celebration of Boomer, Cally and Tory for their snarky kickassness (that should be a word!), and can also be read as an implicit condemnation of the way their character arcs were arguably sacrificed, to varying extents, in the interests of manpain. And they are not amused!

Mar. 7th, 2010

Brad - Vampy


Glittering Cloud by Txlsplash

Vid Name/Vidder: Glittering Cloud by Txlsplash
Song/Artist: "Glittering Clouds (Locusts)" - Imogen Heap
Genre: Character Study - Boomer
Why you’re reccing the vid: For reasons that become more and more obvious as the series progresses, Boomer doesn't get a lot of love from the fans and while there are lots of vids featuring Athena or Eights in general, it is pretty rare to run into vid that is entirely Boomer-centric. It's even rarer for that vid to be excellent, but this vid manages both. The song choice is perfect for Boomer, the editing to remarkable, and it really makes me wish that Boomer had been redeemed in the end.

Mar. 5th, 2010

Einstein's Rainbow


February Vid Round-up

Another month, another round-up, this time a fabulous bunch from our guest reccer boom_queen. Our reccer for this month, cynicalshadows, has already kicked off March, but if there are any more lovely comm members who'd like a turn driving the comm, you can go here to sign up. :)

Save Yourself by jarrow
Clint Eastwood by bop_radar
This is not my face by chamalla
This World by buffyann
Sunshower by canadiangirl_86
Destiny Kink by dreamrequiem
Sammy: 2,029 Years by beccatoria

Scarlet Ribbons by hazelk
Superstar by heresluck
Hourglass by giandujakiss
That's Not My Name by talitha78
Kara Fierce


Hurricane, by Laura Shapiro (BSG/Farscape)

Vid Name(including link)/Vidder: Hurricane, by laurashapiro
Song/Artist: Hurricane, by Joan Osborne
Genre: Crossover
Why you’re reccing the vid:

Kara Thrace/Aeryn Sun! Two of my favorite characters in all of sci-fi, together at last. The vidder does an excellent job of bringing out the many, many similarities between the two, and the crossover femmeslash pairing is so well done you almost wouldn't know these were characters from two different shows. As my co-mod a commenter said, I don't know why more things aren't on fire from this particular combination of badass and sexy. :D
Spike Better Than Edward


Anything But Love (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Vid Name/Vidder: Anything But Love by raspberry_splat
Song/Artist: "SOS: Anything But Love" - Apocalyptica with vocals by Cristina Scabbia
Genre: Buffy/Spike ship vid
Why you’re reccing the vid: It isn't often that a vid moves me to the point that I'm near tears and speechless. This is one of the few. It's painful, poignant, and utterly haunting.

Mar. 4th, 2010

BSG - Les Pilotes Dangereux


Bimbo by Anno-Superstar

Vid Name/Vidder: Bimbo by anno_superstar
Song/Artist: "Bimbo" - Lambretta
Genre: Kara/Lee from Dee's POV
Why you’re reccing the vid: I'm a Kara/Lee shipper, but even I will admit that in the Quadrangle of Doom, Dee totally got the shaft. Outside of deleted scenes, we rarely got to see what she knew or felt about her husband's relationship with Kara. This vid gives us her perspective and expresses what I think most women would be thinking if they were in Dee's situation.

Mar. 1st, 2010

BSG - Poker Face


Maybe by Kajam

Hey everyone! I am the guest reccer for March and I thought I'd get things started with one one of my favorite AU vids.

Vid Name/Vidder: Maybe by kajam
Song/Artist: "Maybe" - Kelly Clarkson
Genre: AU, ship vid for Kara/Kat
Why you’re reccing the vid: Kara and Kat had a highly antagonistic relationship with one another on BSG. They were not friends, and certainly not lovers, but this vid manages to make it seem like they were, which is really impressive seeing as how little interaction these two had on the show. It is skillfully edited so that not only can you can see all the parallels between Kara and Kat, but how they keep denying their feelings for one another until it's too late.

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