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Sarah Connor

sabaceanbabe in bsgvidrecs

Nobody's Home (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles) by Roxy Bisquaint

Vid Name/Vidder: Nobody’s Home by roxybisquaint
Song/Artist: Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne
Genre: Sarah-centric gen vid, kind of a character study and quite angstalicious
Why you’re reccing the vid: Since today is Friday and it’s a fandom free-for-all day here at BSG Vid Recs, I’m reccing to you an amaaaaaaaazing Sarah Connor video. Set to Avril Lavigne’s “Nobody’s Home,” roxybisquaint has made a gorgeous video about love and loss, about Sarah’s relationship with her son, John, and all that it means to her, being the mother of the future. And seriously, if you guys only leave feedback on one vid for the rest of your frakking LIVES, it should be this one. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE IT’S ROXY’S FIRST VID! You’d never know it to watch it. But if you encourage her, she’ll make more. She will!

ETA: chaila! You have to watch this!!!!


Oooh, thanks for this link.